Débora Campos – CEO & Founder of AgroGrIN Tech

Posdoc junior researcher – Knowledge & technology transfer officer at the Catholic University of Portugal 


Débora is a scientific researcher with over 10 years of experience in the biotechnology research and development in sustainable and green technologies. She began her professional life as fellow researcher at CBQF (Center of Biotechnology and Fine Chemistry) in the ESB-UCP (School of Biotechnology of Portuguese Catholic University) and thereafter, progressed to her PhD and recent post-doc in the area of development of novel technologies for industrial implementation. While working as researcher Commercial and Planning Director at CBQF, she started to be involved in entrepreneur activities and programs, since 2016. In 2017, has developed the AgroGrIN Tech project to efficiently manage the fruit waste produced within industrial facilities, developing a green technology that enables to separate value-added molecules. She has also worked as junior researcher at AZTI a technological center and knowledge transfer center, developing business models to short food supply chain, within a European project – SmartChain2020. At AgroGrIN TEch Débora is the CEO and the heads of Administration and Finance operations and is responsible for funding, accounting and control.

Ricardo Gomez Garcia .png

Ricardo Gómez-García CTO of AgroGrIN Tech

Ph D Student in Biotechnology at the Catholic University of Portugal (Porto)


Ricardo is a PhD student in Biotechnology at the Catholic University of Portugal (2017). He graduated as Chemical Engineer (2016) at the School of Chemistry, Autonomous University of Coahuila (UA de C), Mexico. He started his Scientific career at the Food Research Department from the U A de C and currently he has been participating in several national and international entrepreneurship programs from Portugal.  He has great expertise in food engineering and technology. Currently, his PhD work intend to develop innovative and sustainable technologies within the context of zero waste and circular economy approach for the extraction and identification of functional bioactive compounds of interest for several industries, employing fruit by-products for their valorisation and reincorporation into the industrial chains. At AgroGrIN Tech, Ricardo head of Innovation and development and new unit deployment.

Persons: Two persons (Débora and Ricardo)

Duration: 2 h (one hour for each person)

Objective: Introduction to the business environment starting from the scientific environment, showing different key words, meaning and practical applications.